Sunday, March 12, 2017

January/February 2017

January....In one word: SNOWPOCALYPSE. Seriously though, we've had 9 snow days at work. I'm pretty sure that we've broken records for most consecutive days with snow on the ground & for school snow days. Our poor pups have had such bad cabin fever, Charlie & I were doing 3, 5k's a week, then NADA. This winter has been so completely insane. Our little family is so over it, bring on spring already!!

Because January is traditionally when everyone sets goals I thought that I'd share mine:
1- Finish the Bible, I don't recall ever reading it cover to cover so Joseph & I are reading together
2- Run 365 miles this year. The weather has made it pretty impossible to get a good start, (I now have a gym membership so that will help anytime the weather is uncooperative)
3- Blog 12 times this year, as a way to journal (optimally it would've been once a month...but I'm already so behind)

February: Snowy, icy, yucky, Influenza- Sinus infection

Now some pictures:
Rylee & Charlie loved the snow... in small doses, but they were fun to watch. 
so cold & frosty, but gorgeous
The snow was so crazy, 
3 storms had lots of winds that blew the snow up around the house and made big drifts.
So many drifts, it made it hard to say with certainty how much snow we actually had.
These are measurements taken from around our yard.
We lived like eskimos/ hibernating bears this winter.
As much as I was over the snow, 
I have to admit that our home looks beautiful in contrast with the snow
We had a day of really really cold but fluffy perfect snow flakes.
The winter ended with some spectacularly nasty ice, sleet, hail, freezing rain... yuck.

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