Sunday, February 7, 2016

Rylee, the service dog

Rylee is legit, in his vest. The vest is there to answer questions before they come up and to let people know not to bother him, he's working. And believe me, he takes it seriously when he has the vest on, he wouldn't even accept a treat from the worker at Petco. He does a great job ignoring people/ carts etc. when we are out {except his Papa, he loves his Papa} and is a great comfort to me to have at home for Joseph while I'm working. 
He's a great traveler too, we are so looking forward to our Utah/Idaho trip for Jessica & Keith's wedding!! We wanted to make sure he had his vest and was used to it before this trip and our spring break/10 year anniversary trip. Life is better with Rylee in our family.  

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