Saturday, August 15, 2015

Jess & Keith visit

Jessica and her boyfriend Keith came to visit us at the end of July. It was so fun... Here's just a little look at the adventures we had. 
We hadn't been to the carousel of dreams in Kennewick yet, and Keith had never been in a carousel so naturally we HAD to go. It was awesome, Keith got a golden ring and won a free ride on his first ride ever! 
Here he is with his free ride token. 
Jessica on her horse. 
Awe, they're so cute!
Oh look, we are too! 
I got 2 golden rings, I gave my 2nd one to a kid behind me. I got pretty good at getting 2 rings each time. 
Rylee made a new friend, it took a while but Rylee finally warmed up to Keith. 
One morning, we took a hike up Badger Mountain, a popular hike in Richland. 
View from the top!
Jessica & Keith at the top. 
I agreed to babysit the little E's before we knew we would have company. Luckily Jessica & Keith are excellent with kids. The little E's had lots of fun and their parents enjoyed a nice kids free dinner. 

Playing checkers with them. "A" almost won. 
Baby E was having a rough teething night and would only snuggle me. 
We went to both Country Mercantiles here and the new one in Richland has gelato, it was amazing! 
Road trip selfie. We took a trip to Post Falls, ID & Cour D'Alene, ID to hang out with Sam, Kaelee & kiddos. 
Harvey & I. We got along great, it was fun getting to know him. 
Calvin the entertainer, I think he liked Joseph & Rylee more than me. But he did let me carry him on my shoulders for a while. 
Jessica & Harvey. 💋
Cutie Pie! 
We took Rylee with us this trip and he went everywhere with us, including the restaurant. He was an angel, laying under Joseph's wheelchair throughout the entire meal.  
The parking lots in Cour D'Alene have free parking for us!! I'm willing to pay, but good parking and for free, it was an unexpected perk. 
Calvin liked Rylee and kept inviting him to play. 
Rylee was so patient with our nephews, when he was done he snuggled right up under Joseph's legs. 
Harvey led me around his house. It was fun, thanks bud. 
No summer trip here is complete without a stop at WEIce! We did so much, I had a list: they saw TCAB, ate lunch at Kikos (local Mexican restaurant), had Tillamook ice cream (Keith's 1st taste) , got haircuts- from my mom, ate lunch at Five Guys & Fries (another 1st for Keith) went swimming with the E's, saw the temple, Jessica & Keith did yard work for me while I was at work, (thanks again guys!) went to a wedding reception, helped a couple move, and had a BBQ at my parents. There may have been more I've forgotten. 
We loved having you guys, it was definitely a highlight of a long, hot & boring summer. 


Rylee is enjoying the lovely green grass. This is the first time he's done that since we moved in.

We celebrated National Donut Day!
Enjoying the time together this summer.
Summer snuggles. 

We donated blood together too!

WEice was there, Yay! We love Weice, it's especially good after donating blood. 
Since its been crazy hot, Rylee & I got up really early every morning and would take walks  (1.5-3 miles) especially on days I had to work so he didn't drive Joseph crazy. 
Someone's pumpkin plant grew up over the fence. I love the curly Q's and blossoms. 
Awesome dried and cracked mud. The things Rylee & I saw on our morning walks. 
Rylee loves our morning routine. 
On the rare mornings when it was cool enough Joseph went rolling. This morning we crossed paths. 
You can't tell here but I was having crazy bad allergies because of the fires, this summer was so smoky. But we are so thankful we weren't in danger, and thanks to all the firefighters keeping us safe. 
Mom's sewing machine died, we found a replacement... at Jeanine Bernina in Pasco, near WEice!!
We had visitors at the end of the month... so here is the spare room ready for Jessica!
And the office ready for her boyfriend Keith.


June was pretty BUSY... here's an overview.
Music Recital!
I am still so incredibly proud of all my students! It was a wonderful recital held at the Hanford Reach Interpretive Center.
(A has been taking lessons for a year now, this was her 1st recital)

(L has been taking lessons with me since he was 4)

Dance Recital- It was soooo hot!
2-day preschool
3-day Preschool

We babysat our little buddies, while their mom was with big sister at the park in 109* heat!
Joseph kept Gman busy for 2 hours! I had to check the clock twice. We love magnetix around our house.
Miss M was super sweet, and we had long meaningful conversations. 

One night I didn't sleep due to a massive toothache, I went to the dentist, who sent me to the endodontist and I got an emergency root canal. Initially,  I was totally freaked out, but the pain I was in before was so much worse than how it felt after. At Advanced Endodontics they have movie goggles so I was numb, hooked up with nitrous oxide and watching The Avengers while they were working on my tooth. 
They were behind, when I got there so they sent me over to Starbucks with a gift card. Score! Thanks Starbucks for having Gluten free Marshmallow Dream Bars! And of course I enjoyed a double chocolate chip cream frappiccuno with a shot of caramel.
My dental Assistant, he was amazing. And so was his hair. Those are x-rays of my teeth, including the one they fixed.
My dear sweet puppy kept me company while my tooth/ face was recovering.

We went Cherry Picking at the Hatch Patch!

The farmer helped put Joseph under a tree where we'd find a lot of yummy cherries.
Our loot!

Swimming!! We've really enjoyed getting to go swimming with Michelle and her kiddos.

Look, I made a friend while mowing the lawn.