Sunday, August 11, 2013

A family in need.

 (Briana I stole this from your blog.)
You may remember a blog post about the Eric and Briana Hoffman family, Click HERE for a reminder. Briana is a friend from high school, and her parents live in our ward. Anyway they recently lost their baby girl Kate Nicole who was stillborn at 38 weeks. Along with the loss of their child came medical bills, travel costs and funeral expenses. Unfortunately, this isn't the only thing this family has faced, in 2010 their oldest daughter Elena was diagnosed with leukemia which they battled for two and a half years. Elena may be done with treatment and we pray done forever,  her younger sister Lily has had unexplained medical problems which have required lots of testing and visits to specialists. Eric and Briana are doing everything they can to pay their bills, but their financial obligations must be astounding.

We can't take away their pain at losing their daughter and sister, or heartbreak of watching their children face cancer and unknown illnesses. There is one way we can help, we can together help to ease the financial stress for the Hoffmans. They need a miracle right now, and that can happen with every dollar that is donated. The goal is $50,000 while that may not cover everything it will help them immensely. So spread the word, I've posted a widget on the right side of my blog where you can go to make a donation, I've also shared it on Facebook. Eric, Briana, Elena and Lily have been through so much and my heart goes out to them. I hope and pray for peace, comfort and healing for them and their extended families.

Tell everyone, lets make this miracle happen!

Saturday, August 3, 2013

All about Rylee

Meet Rylee. 
This is our puppy, the day we brought him home on June 29th.
He is Joseph's new companion dog.
 And because of this he has some specific training to go through, including kennel training.
Sorry it's blurry I took it in the dark, T-Bone keeping Rylee company. 

Rylee made friends with the puppy in the mirror. 

Rylee LOVES to chew, so we make sure to keep good chew toys around. 
That way our things don't become chew toys.

Rylee learned his name! 

Even though he barked at sodas at first, he has come enjoy them..... or the straws.

The first picture I got in which he's looking at me. 

Speckles and Rylee have been interacting more and more, 
they play pretty well together now, here is video proof.

My boys!

Another cute picture, right before he fell asleep.

Sometimes, Rylee gets to go to work @ TCAB. 
He gets lots of socialization, and he shows off all his tricks.

Rylee gets to go on lots of adventures with us, even swimming. 
Although he wasn't supposed to actually get in the pool! 

Rylee even "helps" with chores, he especially likes weeding!
 He jumped into the garbage all by himself one morning, while Mom and I were weeding in the garden.

We are so proud of all the commands that Rylee knows, 
he is a really smart puppy.

Working on "come, sit and down"

Working on "sit" from the "down" position.

Rylee is 15 weeks old today. 

Rylee is incredibly smart, and way ahead for his age. His vet agrees and says he is a happy and healthy kiddo. And needs socialization so he doesn't "nip" or bite, but the only one he has ever "nipped" was the vet himself after giving Rylee a shot! According to the training books my mom has at 15 weeks he should know his name, be working on potty training and tolerate wearing a collar and leash. 

At 15 weeks he knows: his name, come, sit, go potty, no, leave it, kennel, and down.We are working on ringing bells to let us know he needs to "go out", he should be completely housebroken around 16 weeks old. We are working on our manners in public: no barking! or growling!  Also working on getting in and out of the car, "sit, wait, okay come Rylee" and coming and going out of the house,  he sits and waits for us to open the door, instead of rushing it. Rylee is also getting used to wearing his lease when we go out. 

We love Rylee!