Wednesday, April 20, 2011

1/2 marathon

I agreed to run a half marathon with my aunts in June 2012.
Yup, I am going to do it, for fun.
For Joseph, I want to wear something in his honor for it.
And I have the perfect training buddy.
T-Bone our dog,

IMG_1746 copy

he always wants to run, he'll never back out either.
We're still working on jogging manners,
he almost ripped my arm off on Monday,
so like the good trainer I am, I switched directions on him.
that'll teach him.
I will need some better "equipment" though,
like a good sports bra,
 (gotta keep the ladies in check, suggestions welcome), 
And a pair of these bad boys, yes, in that color.

I'm a lucky girl, Joseph is going to let me buy them for myself for our anniversary in May.
Training is okay for now, 
I know I can run a 5k without training it, 
now to just add 10 miles to that.
Gotta wait until my toe heals, I tried to break it last week.
I'll be out there running this summer,
out there with my training buddy,
 cranking the tunes,
getting a tan and 
 getting blond-er
and stronger
oh ya.

Long time, no post!

I had every intention of updating the blog but life got in the way. While still in Idaho we got a call from Mom, Brother Moses had an emergency appendectomy and needed Joseph to sub for him. We were in Mountain Home Air Force Base with my sister, brother in law, and 1 1/2 nieces. We couldn't make it back in time for him to teach on Monday, so mom ended up doing it, since there was absolutely no one available. And Joseph has been subbing almost everyday since. Brother Moses is doing well, recovery has slowed him down a lot. And he will be easing back into teaching, I think that he will be teaching 2 hours tomorrow.

I have been at the school as well, all this week, we have a choir festival on Friday. So it's been all kinds of crazy here, we are lucky we got our laundry done this week!

Job offer: well the manager was all for it, but the owners were not, based on the fact that he cannot drive the cars out to the customers. Joseph's main agent at his employment agency is really riled up about it. Goodness, it is getting frustrating! He just wants a job, and he is an amazingly hard worker, but attach the words "legally blind" and people immediately back away. It's like doors are constantly being slammed in our faces, and I am about ready to bust some in. watch out.

IUD: we've has quite a few friends and family members ask if I got my iud out. I didn't mean to stir up rumors, or rouse questions, I just wanted to share my shock and love for my new doctor. But for you curious ones out there the answer is: we have no answer, while we are very open about our lives, there are some aspects of it that we will and do keep private. This is one of those things, we are not going to talk about it. But when we do have something to announce, we will, you can count on it.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

On the way out the door...

I wanted to share some good news. You know the interview that didn't happen?! Well we've still been in contact with the manager through Joseph's employment agency, and they are interested in hiring him! (starting with an intership possibly, I don't really know the details are yet to be hashed out) The manager is all for it but we can't go forward until the owners are back in town from spring break, which is perfect because here in a few minutes we will be on the road to Idaho, wahooo! So things are looking up finally, and we couldn't be more excited to see our Idaho family.

PS I have had a nasty cold which explains the lack of posts. I sure hope I am over the worst of it, I always get sick when I get time off work, darn it.

If you are family in Idaho see you soon, if you are here in Washington see you later, if you are elsewhere we'll be back. :)