Friday, April 13, 2012


(note from a 6 yr. old female student)

This sums it up.
Taking a break.
Be back in a while. 
It has been a really rough year,
I propose June 1 as a new beginning,
we're going to try it.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Not THAT kind of announcement...

Almost exactly a week ago, I woke up at midnight in complete agony. My abdomen both right and left and front to back was in extreme pain, so much pain and it was shooting down my legs. I was also nauseated. What ever was going on, was bad, really bad. Joseph woke up and I sent him up to get my Mom, once she knew what was going on we decided we needed to go to the hospital. But not before getting a priesthood blessing. As a result of the blessing, I was able to  remain very calm the whole time, even while my pain level was a 9 (scale of 1-10). 

After giving urine and blood samples (ruling out infection & pregnancy), they hooked me up with an IV with nausea & pain meds., (pain down to a 2) then the ultrasound tech came in to torture me, kidding, he was very good (pain up to a 4 after). They were able to determine that I had had an ovarian cyst rupture. And it was bad....

This is my left Ovary, which measured normal and looks great (size and cyst-wise)

This is my right ovary, which measured just over twice the size of the left, and had an enormous cyst that had recently ruptured. This is the biggest cyst I have ever had. 

This is my uterus, from the side. The dark shadow is free fluid (expelled from the cyst) and blood, trapped behind my uterus. The fluid is NOT normal and can cause extreme pain. 

Enlarged Right ovary = Pain
Huge Cyst Rupture = Lots of Pain
Free Fluid/ Blood = Lots and Lots of Pain.

 I was sent home with awesome pain and nausea medication.
Lots of rest & Water. 
Yes, I have been working still, but not moving much.
And my pain has been manageable during the week. 
Swelling will go down, and fluid will be re-obsorbed by my body. 
Healing slowly.