Sunday, October 30, 2011

post #300

I wish that I had something amazing to say, or something to announce for the 300th blog post, but I don't. Happy 300th, now for some pictures. Before and after of my studio and my hair.


I had chairs and occasionally tutus stored in my studio. But now, I use my room to teach Music for Little Mozarts and need more space. So I did a small make over, thanks in part to Hobby Lobby (sales and coupons!) and Mom who came and helped me with the heavy lifting.

After:  (still a work in progress...)
I have a tree to go in the corner where my office chair is, and a new clock on the piano...

The boom box is now where the tissues are, with some hand sanitizer.

And this board is covered in beautiful artwork and cards from my students

Before Hair: super long, been growing it out for about 2 years (with a few trims)
please excuse my ipod pictures, that's all I had on hand...

20 minutes and 8 inches later...

 After with glasses, they are new.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Please excuse our Absence

We meant to update but life has been insanely busy.
Here's a break down of recent events and future events:

First he Internet wasn't working, the repair man came and fixed it, then Dad unplugged the "do not unplug" plug. 
And then we upgraded our modem and router to a combination modem and router. Yay for fast and reliable Internet!

Joseph had a neurological appointment in Spokane that I could not take him to (long story, and I was upset!) 
Thank goodness Mom and Dad were available and they took him.
 It went well, he is trying some new medication for his walking and we are looking into physical therapy. We will be calling around for pricing.

Preparing for the primary program, that was today! 
Its my big responsibility as 2nd counselor in the primary presidency.

I now have 37 students and I am adjusting to my new thursday schedule.
 I am gone from 10 am until 6pm, with a couple breaks, but no long enough to go home for. So I hope those openings get filled soon.

Joseph substitute taught for seminary 4 times this week! 
Those students love him, when we run into them at church, school or at a store they are always saying "hi Brother Mecham!". It is really sweet.

I have been playing piano at the school more often because the concert is on the 26th, wednesday!

We rearranged our room because we finally got to wall mount our tv. 
Dad did it for us, he needed a project. He got it together and on the wall pretty quickly. It's amazing! That gave us the room to move our love seat in from storage! Yay!

Speaking of storage we will be re-packing and reorganizating most of our stuff in the storage. 
Some of our boxes have fallen apart a little. So we bought uniformly sized boxes and we were supposed to be attacking that task yesterday but it was crazy windy.

We are waiting for one of my paychecks (from the highschool) to come and then we will be getting a new car battery,
 new tires and windshield wipers. Ugh, but it gives us time to shop around to get the best deals.

We also made a trip to DSHS to turn in the paperwork that we sent in this summer after a lot of phone tag we were told
 that they didn't receive it. Not true, and we were able to find out that our "household" is just Joseph and I, so we sorted through all of the paper work again and made copies again.But this time we hand delivered it. Now we are just waiting to see.

This last week my Dad lost his job. 
It has been very interesting in the Swanger household and we hope that Dad will find a job soon. We'll have two men going crazy at home with no job. 

Please keep our family in your prayers and thoughts.
Thank you.