Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A whole new world

Life without school is totally a whole new world to us. We're here in Washington safe and sound. We had a late start leaving Rexburg and it had been REALLY long week. And believe it or not we made money moving! Yup, it's crazy and it was very stressful but we did it. We decided to stay in a hotel in Boise on the way over and it was such a good decision, thank goodness for cell phones with a mother hooked up to internet to find us a place we could stay cheap.

Highlights from our adventures:
* the tarp kept coming up and eventually was totally shredded when we arrived in Kennewick
* a friendly patrolman stopped and checked on us when we were pulled over adjusting our luggage.
*watching/ listening to movies the whole way, it makes the trip go by faster
* seeing a highspeed chase in Oregon, a lady in a red car and 5 police officers in persuit.
* sleeping at super 8 in Boise, the sensation of falling asleep as your head hits the pillow
* missing the last exit into Kennewick because of a phone call from our case worker. yup that was fun.

Now that we are in Washington:
* Sunshine on my shoulders...everywhere everyday
* I see trees of green, red tulips too...
* it's warm, warm enough to wear only one or two layers of clothes
* my doggie, oh how I missed Cookie!
* sleeping, sleeping in
* feeling like we are on vacation, slowing getting back to life
* S has a job offer, to be a paid accompanist at Kennewick High, and an offer to teach swimming lessons with YMCA this summer... waiting to decide because of adoption.
* J is playing "phone tag" with his Lithia contact
* babysitting Abrie, cute 5 yr old cousin, my sides still hurt, it was so much fun.
* playing mario kart on the wii

Basically we are taking a little time to recooperate from the last few weeks of stress and work and moving. Things are great, we feel so good about being here and we are so happy to be here and out of Rexburg... did I mention that it snowed and hailed and was just darn cold while we packed?! We love being somewhere that it actually feels like spring, even if it makes me sneeze!

Adoption Update: We have had 48 views on our adoption profile with LDS Family Services. That has kept our spirits high, we hope life settles out, and we'll be parents soon.


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Mixed Emotions

Well tomorrow is the BIG day, we are moving to Washington!
On one hand we are so excited to be moving out of Rexburg and starting the next chapter in our lives. We are so happy to be done with school and Joe is happy to be done working for Broulims and ready to start working as an Automotive Technician. I am excited for him to start a job that he is going to love!
On the other hand it is really hard to leave our family and friends here in Idaho. We have made some really good friends here and we hate to leave them. We will miss our primary class and our calling. We will really miss Joseph's immediate family 45 minutes away, I know how great it was that we could visit so often and "go to the cabin" so to speak and escape the reality of school some days.
So we are filled with anxiety about the move and sadness about leaving good people in Idaho. We wish we could load up all our friends and take them with us! We said that to one of the triplets and he thought it was a good idea! But most of all we are happy to leave behind the college years, and see what lies ahead!!
Talk to you all again soon!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Party time!!

Anyone around the Idaho Falls\ Shelley Area we are having a graduation party. At Joseph's parent's house in Shelley. Food Games Fun... Friday afternoon. Email us if you want the details and directions!!!

-S & J

Friday, April 3, 2009

I can't respond to any emails today.

Something has crashed on my computer.

And the mouse is missing!

Thanks Val!


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Red Envelope Project

Why red?

The envelopes represent the innocent blood shed through abortion. This campaign is a symbolic act to flood the mail with red. The more we send, the more powerful this symbol will be.

Why March 31?

Although that date was chosen arbitrarily by Brian Potter when he created Red Envelope Day, it also reinforces the symbolism of blood. The envelopes will be arriving near the beginning of Holy Week, just prior to the start of Passover. I don’t think it is a coincidence that these arrive so near the annual remembrance of the Passion and Death of Christ.

Where do I send them, and will empty envelopes be delivered?

The White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington D.C. 20500.

As long as you have proper postage, federal law requires the delivery of all mail. Messages on the outside of an envelope will not hinder their delivery. Although empty envelopes may not be opened, they will be delivered.

What organization is behind the Red Envelope Project?

This movement is a true grass roots phenomenon. There is no entity behind this project other than the thousands of men, women and children that have volunteered their time, money, and effort to be involved. The Red Envelope Project has spread largely through emails and word of mouth.

Brad Miller created Red Envelope Project, and his effort was the first to count the envelopes sent. Red Envelope Day was started by Brian Potter.

Do you really think that this will make a difference?

Yes. But not because it is an effective form of protest. I am astounded at the response so far. The fact that it has brought so many people together, encouraged them, and also changed a few hearts along the way is exciting.

Do I think it will change the President? I don’t know. (Although, from my math, the White House should be receiving at least 20,000 red letters daily).

Ultimately though, this is about the war of ideas. These red envelopes in the mail are igniting a lot of folks to think about the value of life. If a new generation can begin to care about life, we are going to win the war of ideas. I think the red letters have done this.

Doesn’t Responsibility begin BEFORE conception?

Absolutely. Lots of folks seem to be bothered by that last line. I think a lot of people are over thinking it all. This line is a reference to the President’s inaugural address, in which he called Americans to begin creating a culture of responsibility. Part of this culture was not taking innocent life, according to the new President. As you may know, the next day his actions spoke otherwise. Sadly, either a lot of people weren’t listening, or didn’t understand.

***I took this from the red envelope project's website. Yes, I participated, I have a red envelope out there on it's way to the president. I think that this was an interesting way to peacefully protest abortion. I am pro-life, the only time I would agree that abortion is an option would be rape and if the lives of both mother and child are at risk. Other than that it is senseless murder. There are other options, best of all is abstinence, sex comes with consequences! Another is adoption which of course I am so pro-adoption!****