Thursday, August 20, 2009

A little Q & A, mostly A

Due to the plethora of Questions we've had to answer over and over... here's some Q's with the A's...

About Joseph & MS

Q: How is Joe doing?
A: Really great, considering his MS. He is a walking miracle! He works hard to make sure his MS doesn't effect him and his goals.

Q: Is Joseph currently on medication?
A: No. He was on cellcept,basically a mild form of chemo, it was pretty rough on his body. His neurologist in Idaho had us wean him off cellcept because it could cause a scary disease with no symptoms and often fatal. It took over 4 months to make the decision to wean him off & 6 months to wean him off.

Q: Does the lack of Medication cause flare ups?
A: No, not necessarily. Flare ups are the normal course of MS. Medication can help lower the severity and can sometimes reduce the number of flare ups but we do not feel like his most recent flare up was caused by lack of medication. He has been stable with no flare ups for over 4 years until this year.

Q: What are your plans for Joseph regarding medication and treatment?
A: He has an appointment on Monday with Dr. Roger Cooke an MS Specialist, in Spokane. We will see what he recommends. We have looked into LDN, Chiropractic care and others. But we will be seeing what his new neurologist has to saw regarding a course of action for Joseph's care.

About Adoption:
Q: How is the adoption going?
A: It's on pause, we've done all we need to do except pay the $500, we had it but it's gone because of down payment on our new car and paying for Joseph's treatment for his flare up. We are pausing the process because Joseph's health is more important than babies. We have every hope of getting it going again and having the $$ quickly but our money is going towards Joseph.

Any more Qs, leave a comment we are happy to answer!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Our life continues on in craziness

* My Great Grandmother W passed away as we were traveling back from Gma B's funeral.

* I got a job yesterday at The Tri- Cities Academy of Ballet and Music. Teaching Piano.

*Joseph and I were called to teach in Primary again, this time the Valiant 9's, this should be an experience we've never been in senior primary.

* This is my last week of teaching swimming lessons. Summer is almost over and School is creeping back in.


more later.


Monday, August 17, 2009

A Love Poem...

Made from Valentine's Day fridge magnets...

We want the dream
Of life forever
With time to fill it up
Come take my hand
and say marry me please
when I am your true love
let's share more kisses under soft moon light
I'm yours for always.


Friday, August 7, 2009

Last one I promise

This is a song performed by a member of a group called Celtic Thunder, amazing. Thanks to G&G Wiberg for introducing us.


All fights worth fighting...

* I fight for my family. I will fight for them always. Someday I WILL be a mother, I don't know when or what else I will need to do before that happens but I want to be ready and be the best Mommy in the world, because Joseph is going to be an amazing Daddy. To become a family we have endured miscarriages, surgeries and Adoption paperwork, bring it on...

* I fight for my husband's health. Joseph has MS, he has been stable for almost 5 years, until recently, he had a flare up (which he is almost through). I have exhausted myself fight insurance, office personal, referral delays, internet research etc etc. Now I am happy to report that Joseph has an appointment with a highly recommended MS specializing Nuerologist (mouthful huh?) in Spokane (a couple hours away) on August 31st- soonest appointment. His flare up has slowed our adoption savings down, but he is more important to me than adopting babies, seriously.

* I fight my body. Sometimes it doesn't like to listen. I had Insulin Resistance, I won that fight. Now with that gone, I can lose weight easier, I am working on it. I have a goal. I do not weigh myself, but I have a healthy size goal and getting close is so good!
*I fight for Adoption. Adoption is misunderstood, I like educating people. I like learning more. I love that adoption has been built into Heavenly Father's plan for us.

**wrist update** I am doing much better, thanks all, its just annoying when it hurts when I mow the lawn or seomthing. My Mom had a brace so I wear that when it hurts.

** Adoption update** it wasn't hard to turn down our last opportunity, really honestly. Met with our new caseworker (ours got transfered out of adoption into social work only), great great guy, we have to get $500 and he comes to the house and we're done! (We had the $$ but trading our car and Joe's flare up drained that, hey, life happens)


Family Photos

Back: Dad, Valerie, Me, Joseph
Front: Mom, Dustin, Marc, Alisha, JR
"Shady Swangers" We're too cool for you, lol.

The Original 4 (before spouses & JR)

Us kids. Yes, this is when I sprained my wrist. Who does that?

*My Gpa Wiberg was the photographer, yea he's awesome. My Gpa's got mad skillz! Must be where I get my love of Photography & music, yup.



Giveaway...I wanta win!

The r house blog is doing a giveaway, awesome right? Well I never win. I wish I did... I enter giveaways all the time so to get another entry I need to blog about it. The prize is a signed copy of this sweet children's book all about adoption. (pictured above)
here's a little sneak peak

"I had been LOOKING for you for so long.

I spent so many days ANTICIPATING your arrival.
Some days SEEMED SO LONG without you."

as individuals who have struggled with infertility, sterility, childlessness and the waiting involved with adoption, haven't we all felt this?

See why I HAVE to win?


Sunday, August 2, 2009

Quickly, some funnies

I did two pretty funny things this week...

Numero Uno: I have come up with a solution to tail gaiters. While riding in the back of my Father's Army Jeep. (it's orange, and all open) Keep in mind it was over 100 degrees outside and we were moving in an open jeep. I thought it would be funny to have an ice cream cone. Yes, it was funny, and really messy. Aparently, tale gaiters don't like it when thick white cream hits their windsheild! It was melting faster than I could eat it and we were moving so fast it splattered in all directions, my dad even ended up wearing some too. I was laughing so hard, I bet you would too if you saw us.

Numero Dos: I sprained my wrist. Well this fact isn't funny on it's own. It's how I did it. I sprained my wrist during family pictures... we were taking a picture with us girls holding my brother Dustin up. I took the heavy end and somehow turned my wrist wrong and almost dropped him. Thus injuring my poor wrist. Funny still.