Saturday, December 8, 2012

A little Quiz... with answers

We are having our Birthday party today, and this is a little party game we're playing... let's see how well you know us. (Answers to be posted later) 

How well do YOU know the Birthday Couple?
1.  What year was Joseph born? 1982
2.  What year was Shaylee born? 1985
3.  Where was Joseph born? Idaho Falls, Idaho
4.  Where was Shaylee born?  Spokane, Washington
5.  When did J & S discover they share a b-day? On our first date, October 2005
6.  Where did J & S meet? Byu Idaho, same student ward
7.  Where were J & S married? Portland Oregon
8.  Who is taller J or S? Shaylee, just a little
9.  What is Shaylee’s natural hair color? Blonde (-ish with brown and red, in the winter)
10. What was Joseph’s high school mascot? Russet Potatoe! 
11. What was Shaylee’s high school mascot? Lion
12. What is Shaylee’s favorite flower? Sunflower
13. What is Joseph’s favorite color? Blue
14. What is Shaylee’s favorite animal? Giraffe
15.  How long have J & S been married? 6 1/2 years
16.  Is Joseph a “ righty” or “lefty”?  Lefty
17.  What is Joseph’s shoe size? 7 1/2- 8
18. What is Shaylee’s favorite dessert? anything chocolate
19. What is Joseph’s favorite candy?  Reeses Peanut Butter Cups
20. Where did Joseph grow up?  Shelley Idaho
21. Who has had more stitches J or S? Joseph (10+ sets, Shaylee 5)
22. Where did Joseph serve his mission? Porto Alegre North Brasil
23. What is Shaylee’s least favorite color? Orange
24. Are J & S morning or night people? Morning
25. What is Shaylee allergic to? Sulfas, Broccoli & seafood
26. What would J & S do with a million dollars? Buy a house, adoption
27. What is our cat’s name? Speckles
28. Who is more ticklish J or S?  Joseph, Shaylee can ignore it sometimes
29. What is Joseph’s favorite fruit? Peaches
30. Who had braces J or S? Joseph

Good Luck!