Friday, April 25, 2008

Do you support us?

In light of recent events, our drive to adopt have been renewed and refueled, we had slowed down because of the pregnancy. We are going to adopt, and to be able to go through that process we are going to need the unconditional support of our immediate families and extended families and our friends. We know some of you may not understand why & how we've decided to adopt. It has been difficult and we know it may be just as hard for you to understand.

1. Yes, we know it's only been two years (almost) but much has happened, and as we discovered suring our adoption calsses many couples have had the same experiences, but usually over the course of five years or so, we've done it all in two! (not that it is a race or anything, just illustrating how fast and how much has gone on)

2. We have both wanted to adopt. We thought this would happen after we had our own biological kids, now adoption is how we plan to begin our family.

3. Most Important, we know this is what we need to do. We've prayed and fasted and gone to the temple with adoption in mind and always the answer is yes.

We're doing all we can to prepare. please be supportive and understanding of our decision. Adoption is a long and trying process with a lot of paper work to get through, and we've only just begin.

We need your love and support

We are again going through a difficult time: three weeks ago we found out that I was pregnant, two weeks ago our baby died, and one week ago is when we found out. I was nine weeks pregnant and the baby was measured at eight weeks.. Our doctor wants me to miscarry naturally, but if that doesn't happen by monday (the 28th) we'll go ahead and have a D&C.

This came as a shock to us, both the pregnancy and the impending miscarriage. We aren't looking for anything more than moral support. We're tired of feeling like we've been keeping secrets from those who love us. We just want you're understanding, especially if we're not being very social, if we don't want to talk about things and if we've been a little distant. Sorry, but now you know why.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Not going private after all

We have decided to stay an open blog. We've talked to people who are afraid of weirdos that are looking for personal info,it scared us for a little bit then we looked ourselves up online and the only free info given was our websites, but our websites do not divulge any more information than we chose to display ourselves. If you pay money you can probably get our phone #s and address online as well but that info is pretty much public domain if you are in the phone book. So we feel safe letting our blog stay an open blog. We also want to keep our blog open so that potential birth moms can look at it, and if it is private it doesn't give them the change to look at it freely.

So no worries you all can still read our blog, but we will be careful with what kind of info we are choosing to display.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Crazy week

Sorry not much time to update, will update again in a couple weeks.. this is why:

this week is finals week, at the end of this week Joe's brother is getting married, and next weekend we are moving!!! And in 3 weeks I start school again!

Good news- Joe got a job offer from Lithia motors, for after he graduates!!! yey, so excited to get out of Rexburg... in a year?!?!?

Well until next time... oh and I think that we are going to make our blog private for safety reasons so please send me you email addresses so I can add ya'll as readers!