Monday, September 26, 2011

I am not...

just the second counselor in the primary presidency.

I am Shaylee:
The following are real quotes that I have said, some more than once!

Sunbeam Wrangler extraordinaire:
"Let's see,  do you want to sit in the blue chair or the green chair?"
(They're all yellow)

"Look you have front row seats!"

"Okay, you're a robot (or dinosaur), can you be a reverent robot (or dinosaur)."

"Get your: arm, leg, bum, tongue, face, elbow, nose or face off your class mate please."

Tantrum Tamer:
"Jesus doesn't want you to yell in His house."

"Do you want me to hit you because I am unhappy with you? No? Then don't hit!"

"You don't want to sit with your class? Well lets go out the in the hall and learn how to be reverent."

Accomplished Confiscator of Contraband:
"We do not bring: toys, garbage, lipstick, candy, legos, coin collections, rocks or treadmill keys etc. to primary." (Yes, I have confiscated all of these!)

Champion of Chairs:
"If you tip your chair back again & you will stand until the end of primary."

"Four on the floor!"

Defender of Good Posture: 
"Your head doesn't belong there, put your bum on the seat."

"Feet on the floor, not the seat."

Master of Manners: 
"That's not how we talk to one another, let's try that again."

"(Child's name) Do we talk while I am talking? Please be quiet and listen."

"What do you say? (please, thank you, sorry, excuse me etc."

"That's not nice, we don't want to hurt her feelings do we?"

Whispered "If you can hear me, touch your nose, touch your ears, turn them on for listening, touch your mouth, turn it off .  It's time for sharing time/ closing exercises."

And most recently, baby handler. Our primary music leader was put into the relief society presidency, 4 weeks before our program! But luckily we just got a new family in the ward, and the wife was just called to replace her. She is awesome, and she has a 5 month old, so cute, red hair and bright blue eyes.  I got her to sleep in like 2 minutes, asleep and snoring. Then I got to sit and cuddle,well that and handle a kid that got sent into see me, unofficially I am "the enforcer", I am totally a mean mommy in the making.

Being in the Primary presidency is a hard calling, not because of the kids, more to do with adults.  But it is so much fun, so much work and Sunday is definitely not a restful day for me while at church. I love it, I love being in there with Joseph & my Mom who are both teachers in Primary.

Thursday, September 8, 2011


Joseph had a job interview last week for a front desk position at an auto repair place. Please send prayers and positive thoughts his way. He was one if three people who interviewed for the job. We should find out soon if he got it or not. Shaylee's job has expanded!! Her boss asked her this summer if she would be interested in teaching a music class. Well that started last week, 2 classes with 3-4 yr olds, and 1 class of 5-6 yr olds. The class is called music for little Mozarts. She also has 30 piano students! On the first day of classes she had 26, (that was Aug. 29th). So things are looking up for Shaylee at work. We hope and pray that Joseph gets a job soon! He needs it, we need it. Pictures coming soon of Shaylee's studio makeover.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Sometimes I scan through my blog list & get frustrated - no one has updated! Then I think, oh yea, I haven't updated my blog either... So you might be checking my blog and saying the same thing, Silly me. I have really been meaning to update, but either I didn't have time to update or chose not to. Partly because I felt like I didn't have anything nice to say or because I'm worried people will misunderstand or misinterpret especially when discussing the struggles Joseph and I face. But I've gone to the conclusion that people will judge no matter what I think or do & I blog to share, and more importantly to journal. So I will try to update more soon, sweet or sour. Updates on jobs, funny things kids say, DSHS, and more!