Sunday, April 19, 2015

Some before/ afters

We are slowly ever so slowly settling in, so it's still a work in progress. And most of this pictures are a little out dated already. And we still don't have much on the walls, I think because of the hours spent filling in the holes it's hard to want to make new ones. Anyway, here you go...

Living Room Before:
Living Room After:
Family Room Before:
Family Room After:
 (but now the cube organizer is in our closet and the chest is under the TV.
Office & Spare Rooms Before: (1 pic, they're basically the same)
Spare Room complete with Futon. (thanks Debbie for the futon)
Master Bedroom Before:
(I need to update this, yes there is furniture, this was just after painting)

Kitchen/dining Before:
Main Bathroom Before:
Laundry/ Utility Room Before:
I want to paint something fun behind the washer and dryer. (Thanks Craigslist for great washer & dryer deal, with delivery) 

Steps into the house/ laundry Before-ish:
Thanks Dad!

Well that's it for now. 

An Army of Help.

Working on our home...we had sooo many amazing helpers!! 
Our driveway after the cousins/ neighbors got to it!! Loved it! 
Mom painting the master bathroom
Dad painting the master bedroom. 
Always have to add some hidden art when we paint. 
 Landan helping to move some rocks. 
Nikelle and Abrie weeding. 
Paisley helping "paint"
Cadence also "painting"
Jake painting our bathroom. 
Nikelle and Abrie cleaning windows. 
Lauryn cleaning the cupboards.
Aunt Jodi and Mom painting. 
Michaela and Naomi cleaning out window tracks. 
All the girls "making" the bed. (We went to the movies and saw Cinderella as a thanks helping us.) 
My parents painting the family room. 
Dad painting the the ledge I scrubbed. 
Dad in/on the ledge painting. 
Dad removing the garage steps- he was worried about how Joseph was navigating them. 
The landing and steps that he made for us. They're amazing!!
We're so blessed to have family that's so helpful.