Thursday, December 16, 2010

Updates coming soon, I promise

But I am a busy lady.. concert tonight with Kennewick High, Recital tomorrow with my students (and dress rehearsal for Stake Choir), Stake Choir Saturday and Sunday! Nope, not overwhelmed yet. Maybe tomorrow, that's when the scheduling gets funky.

We printed our blog through for all those who wanted to know.... and we LOVE it! I really recommend the site, you can customize all you want and have a lot of creative control, which I like. Ordering is simple and easy and it is shipped fast!

See you when I am done performing!


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Joseph has an interview tomorrow...  please send positive thoughts and prayers his way.

The interview went great! Unfortunately there is no open position, even for an internship, yet. The interviewer was really happy to meet with Joseph, impressed by his resume  he even  kept his resume. A foot in the door...hopefully. But it was a good & positive experience for Joseph. I am a very proud wife!