Wednesday, February 25, 2015

We're still here, I promise.

Life has just been so crazy, insane really. But in a good way, an avalanche of blessings. 
We got a new car, on January 10th, it's 2011 Honda CRV. Why did we get a new car? Well it's hard to get the wheelchair in and out of our small car and then it takes up the entire trunk... and we were going to have to replace the struts and timing belt soon. So instead the $$ we had set aside to do that was used as a down payment on our new car. 
Her name is Luna.

we're buying a house!!!!!! 
Here it is! In Pasco Washington, roughly 4.5 miles from work or about 8 minutes travel time. 
This is the mirror image of our houses floor plan. 

We got pre-approved on Wednesday February 11th then we found the house on Valentine's Day, and BEFORE it was put on the market. So we negotiated via text and we will be purchasing the house for $12,000 less than they originally wanted + a 1year home warranty, and they're paying up to $4000 in closing costs. (Just to be clear this is not the 1st house we've looked at)

Everything is coming together so quickly it's hard to keep up.