Saturday, September 27, 2008

My Books

I make books in my Book Arts class! It is amazing!!

I promise this is the last post this weekend!


Our Home

After spending 3 days home alone, I was able to sit back and think about the things that I love about the home we share. When you walk in, it smells good, and you see a big picture of Christ (thanks Gma B.) we have beautiful comfy couches and other things but our home feels safe and comfortable and beautiful and full of love!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Life goes on... and Honesty

I wish life came with a remote, to pause or slow down life's good moments,and fast forward for the not-so-good moments. Well as life goes on I am just taking it one day at a time... and one day we'll be done with school and as W. pointed out life won't have summer and Christmas vacations anymore...that bummed me out a little but I found a positive... we will get our nights and weekends back!!!

Now time for some honesty... Infertility has dramatically changed my life as well as Joe's.I can't speak for him so here is my side. It has brought me closer to some friends and further from some. Things that used to make me happy make me cry (like holding babies, Joe and I both went over a year without holding one) I hate that I have lost contact with friends.. especially the 5 (yes 5) that are pregnant with baby #2. (Again I was pregnant with all of them during their 1st pregnancies) I am sorry for those who are pregnant and happily post pregnancy updates on your blogs, I am happy for you but it makes me hurt, so I won't visit or comment on your blogs often. Please understand. It's funny, but it is easier to be happy for my friends who are pregnant with #1 than #2.My whole body aches to be a mother but I have no desire to be pregnant right now, sometimes I feel likeif I could give Joe babies I would be a better wife, I know how much Joe wants to be a dad.

I feel like having the IUD is giving me the chance to take back control over my body and feel better about myself. And makes it easier to focus on Adoption, which is really exciting!

I don't consider myself much of a poet but this was in my head one day and I was forunate enough to be able to write it down:

I bear scars that no one can see
no one can see not even me
each day I try to be
a little bit stronger
as I kneel on bended knee
and pray a little longer
that I may fit the bill
and bend to match God's will.

little update: Joe and I do hold babies and like it now. Mostly our neighbor's son, we watch him sometimes, he's adorable and he really likes us. Joe is doing so well regarding his pills, he has better balance and is still getting more sensation back, it's wonderful. In fact he did the spud-day 5k and he did so well! I was so happy to support him by walking in it.

Sorry that was a little long and personal but I felt that I needed to share it.


Adoption Update

We have felt an increased push to finish our adoption paperwork. We are getting close. What's left: both of our physicals, Joe's background check, financial statement, letter to birthmom, and photo collage.

Every time that we work on our paperwork we are so excited that we can't sleep, it's funny. We have relatively very little left to do to finish the paperwork but it's some of the hard stuff..

Help: If you have any pictures of either one of us please email them to us @ we need to collect more pictures to use in our photo collage.

Thanks so much.


School Update

School is going great. Joe is on a retreat for 3 days!! with his IBC classmates no cell phones allowed!! BUMMER!! Joe is enjoying his classes,much better now that we are getting back into the rythym of school. I am doing good too. Unfortunately I had to switch some classes up- Egyptian art history for Drugs and Society- wierd I know but somehow it works to fulfill my clusters and help me graduate this semester.I have to wait for approval for some forms then turn in my graduation application, can you believe it? Once mine is done on to Joe's, get it out of the way so all he has to worry about is passing his classes this and next semester. :)

Joe comes home today!!!

Monday, September 8, 2008

1st day of school

Aaaaaahhh, so far so good for me. We will see how Joe does. he has class today from 2-5 I have another class at 2.

P.S. Bethany is in my Old Testament class :)

P.P.S Breanna is in my International foods class :)

yay for family at school


Saturday, September 6, 2008


Some day's I really do not like my job and then other weeks (like this one) I realize how important my job really is. (I work at an assisted living home) This week we have a sweet elderly lady who is close to passing away, my co-worker and I had to move her hospital bed into a private room the family has been there everyday this week and they had been nothing short of wonderful to us. I really appreciate families that are nice to us, it makes life there easier. I hope that the work I do there for their grandma mother and wife and others helps their families especially as the time for those we take care of nears an end.

I think that I have the best co-workers there, better than I have had at any job, I attribute this to the nature of the job. It is not easy and not always fun and the people who are willing to work there are of the most caring people you could meet we care for the elderly and each other, and sometimes the lives of those we take care of depend on us, like yesterday...

I have a man I take care of and he has had lots of trouble and his doctors can't figure out what is going on, he is unsteady, he has seizures and losses consciousness- often. And yesterday I was finishing up a shower and I felt the need to go into his room, (he had been sleeping soundly all morning so we had put off getting him up) his bed alarm was going off I found him standing leaning on the wall, he started to shake I was able to grab him and pull him into me (a 6'3" man) before his knees went out and I was able to set him on the floor, I called for my co -worker (I don't yell so when I do my co-workers know to come quickly), his shaking got worse and we layed him flat and his breathing wasn't very good (really shallow) so I called my manager (policy) she had me call his daughter for her instructions, she had me take his blood pressure it was 101/174- really really bad, she was so calm and told me that she felt impressed that he should go to the hospital and asked if we could transport him, (no) so she had me call an ambulance. 911 my first time calling, less than 5 min later the ambulance and 5 paramedics where there, (keep in mind that the man is 6'3" tall and he is on the floor - not an easy transfer to a gurney) I had to stay and talk to the paramedics- very nice people. They hooked him up to all kinds of monitors and then shortly they took him with them to the hospital. Then I had to keep going on with my day, later I ran into one of the paramedics at the grocery store and my manager it is nice to see her after an event like that. I have decided that adrenaline is an amazing thing, it made me physically shake and my voice shaky but I had a clear calm head and was able to handle such a large man. I bet I could have lifted a car (not a large one) that day.

My job is hard, and days like that make it worth it.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Do these babies look alike??

I think so..

YES, These are pics of us.



Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Finish the sentence

I am J:short S: blonde
I know JS: the gospel is true
I want JS: babies.
I have JS:the best person in the world by my side.
I wish S: I was braver J: I was done with college
I hate J: stupid drivers S: crowds
I miss S: family J: open space
I fear JS: the unknown
I Feel S:reflective J: dumbfounded
I hear JS: the fan & clock
I smell JS: chicken enchiladas in the oven
I crave J: steak S: Ice cream
I search S: for answers to hard Q's J: for the missing parts
I wonder S: what the future brings J: where I'll be in 5 yrs
I regret JS: losing touch with friends
I love J: Shaylee Rae Mecham S: Joseph and our families
I care J: because I can S: about a lot of things
I always J: look for more to fix S: ask Q's (not in class of course)
I am not J:very tall S: done yet
I believe JS: in Christ, the church is true, the Book of Mormon is true, Pres. Thomas S. Monson is the true prophet
I dance S; at random times J: akwardly
I sing S: in the car always J: all the time
I fight JS: for our family
I write S: not enough (journal) J: every so often
I lose S: at Uno with Joe J: my mind
I win S: phase 10 J: Uno with Shay
I never S: swear J: run away
I listen J: to those I care about S: all the time
I am scared J: of the dark S: of getting old
I need JS: the gospel S: the chance to be a mom



Tuesday, September 2, 2008

"Not Fair"

That is what Joe said when he saw how many pics I was posting of him. I haven't started scanning mine yet but I had this one handy

I will post more of me too when I get to scanning them.


check out this cutie pie!!

These are just a few (very few, we have over 140 pics of Joe on the computer now) of the pics I have scanned this week. We hope to use some of pics of us growing up for our paperwork. Enjoy.