Tuesday, November 15, 2011

From a 7 yr old Piano Student

This makes my heart smile.
(today I did good)

Monday, November 14, 2011

In honor of the release of the last movie

Enjoy some FUNNY Harry Potter youtube videos!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Kids are so stinking funny

I love my job. It is challenging, it's enjoyable, and so rewarding. I was asked this week how many kids I have. I don't like that question, but I am getting used to the fact that as long as I am a teacher, it will be asked.  My new answer is " 94: 49 piano/ music kids, and about 45 primary kids."  I will be a mother some day, I hope.  I love my 94 kids, they help to fill the hole in my heart.

Here are some funny things that happen while at work:

Luke(5): "Stefanie (his nanny) if we have time can we get Shaylee a coffee or something?" apparently I was looking tired.

When I give him a new song we find the hand position, he will look up at his song , then at me and say "I don't think I can do this"

"I didn't play that last song too good, do I still get candy?"

"Shaylee, I think we have too much fun in here sometimes."

Every time Luke comes to a rest in his music he stops, turns his head and says "rest". It makes me laugh every time.

Little Mozarts (3-4 yr olds):  how old are you? How old do you think I am? 4! Hey, I'm 4!  Oh you must be 5 then.

"what? It's time to go already?" I love that one, so much better than are we done yet!

"We should do this everyday not just one time a week"

Isabella (6): This song was too easy, you should give me a harder one, not too hard, just hard enough.

(the next week) these songs are great, they are good fit songs.

Olivia (9): "woah! your hair grows fast! Now promise you won't cut it off again, okay?"

Mohamed (7): hey this song is about a princess, like you. Wait, you're not a princess, you don't wear dresses!

"I'm learning to drive a car!" He then proceeds to stomp on the pedals and yells "get outta the way!"

Stephen:(7) "you know pokeman?" no. "well there is a girl named Shaylee in pokeman" cool.

Jennifer (15): "My brain is literally exploding right now"...."ahh, my brain!"

My thursday Mozarts all left vowing to bring me special pictures that they will color just for me. So sweet!

Little Mozarts: I told them it was almost one to leave and they went over to the piano and started yelling at my clock! "Stop or I'll put you in time out/ jail".

Sometimes I have to be a mean teacher. I love the reactions when I tell one of my students that I do not have to be nice. I am getting paid to teach them how to play piano and I don't have to be nice to do it. I hardly ever raise my voice or use my authoritative voice, but when I do, kids definitely pay attention. I just consider those times mean mommy in training moments.  And I do consider myself a mommy-in-training, an my students give me lots of practice opportunities.

Now for some pictures to make this long post more enjoyable. 

Sometimes my kids get creative with their practice charts.
Cute right?

 Post nap hair...

Me on Halloween...