Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Thanksgiving (catch up)

Thanksgiving: Mom & Dad hosted Thanksgiving dinner at our house. (Day after surgery- we weren't going anywhere!) so we had 13 people total at Mecham Manor that day, lots of yummy food we had a good time. I don't remember too much it was a slow week for me- no work and I was on a pain pill schedule so the details are a bit sketchy. :)
Piano decor, I love playing it and decorating it too!!
Giddy up Auntie Val!
The kidlets loved the barn, except they turned the door against the wall. 
And Sean loved Joseph's tractors.   
Oma and the kidlets made the decorations, so cute!! 

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Surgery Summary (almost 2 months post-op)

I feel AWESOME, seriously. So here is the run down of what has happened for anyone who is curious enough to read this
  • Oct. 26th: Ultrasound & Dr appointment @ APW, diagnosis: Endometrial polyp, cysts on uterine wall. Dr. Tandon was sweet, direct and to the point, qualities I value in a doctor. (gimme the facts, but with tact) I really think she must have thought I was a little crazy, because of how calm I was about everything.  Dr T: "we found polyps and cysts in your uterus and endometrium, you need to have surgery to remove them, a hysteroscopy, D&C and polypectomy." Me:"okay" Dr. T: "Do you want to schedule that today?" Me: "yes."
  • Nov. 16th: pre-op/ pre-admission appointments: boring, long, necessary. 
  • Nov. 25th: The BIG day
    • We stayed up late to eat and drink, so I wouldn't be hangry the next day. We woke up early, unintentionally.
    • Mom, Joseph & I arrive at hospital, and get checked in just before 12:30
    • I was hooked with, or up to everything: a gown, a hair net, anti-nausea patch behind my ear, compression socks, pressure cuffs on my legs, another pair of socks, blood pressure cuff, finger pulse ox monitor, some other monitor on my ear, 3 bracelets, and probably about 5 warm blankets on top of me.
    • The I.V. hook up didn't go so smoothly...I squirted blood everywhere, blood EVERYWHERE, crime scene quality I'm sure. The nurse thought it would be more difficult and that I would be more dehydrated (fair skin = difficult poke, she said) 
    • I was given valium in my I.V. right before they wheeled me to the O.R., then in the O.R. an oxygen mask was brought up to my face, I was told "time to go to sleep", had surgery (so I'm told, happily under general anesthesia I don't remember anything) then I woke up back in my "room" 
    • 2, I.V. pain med pushes, a snack, and 1 bathroom trip later I was dressing to go home. We left the hospital, around 3pm
    • We all went to walmart for my prescriptions. Joseph rode behind me (in an electric wheelchair) around the store while we waited for the meds. Got home around 4pm
    • Mom says she was a little freaked out by how coherent I was right after surgery.  She stayed, warmed up our dinner and ate with us, started my medication notebook (schedule) and left after I was finally settled in and relaxing. (around 6 pm)
    • Apparently I am tough one to get to lay down and relax... but Joseph knew the trick, he put a dryer warmed blanket on me and I stayed put. 
  • Dec 17th: Post-Op appointment, kind of a waste of an appointment, if you ask me. Dr. T told me it was a successful surgery, everything looks good, made sure I was feeling well and had no complications, then she gave me the all clear to try to get pregnant. 
  • Other Facts
    • The polyp was benign (yay!) and measured 2.1 cm x 1.4 cm x 0.4 cm, so it was quite large. (Validating for me, I was in real pain and for a real reason)
    • This was not my first surgery, but it was my third D&C.
    • However,  this was my first D&C that had nothing to do with a pregnancy loss, which made it much easier, emotionally.
    • It was so much harder (painful) BEFORE surgery than after. Something I found that people had a hard time understanding.
  • Polyp Info: Not much is known about polyps, I know, I asked and I googled... 
    • What causes them? Not sure...hormone imbalance seems probable.
    • How long was that growing inside me? Who knows...It was kinda flat so it could have been pushed aside during previous ultrasounds.
    • Do polyps prevent pregnancy? Unknown, but likely. Symptoms include unexplained infertility and multiple miscarriages. What I do know is that it was there, it was large and it was causing serious problems (PAIN, irregular periods & excessive and irregular bleeding, difficulty getting/staying pregnant)
Now that it's gone & I've healed I feel so great, I have so much more energy, it's kind of ridiculous! I'm a whole new person, or at least it feels that way, especially after months of PAIN. I like to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who checked up on me, left notes and messages on FB, sent sweet texts and thoughtful gifts to me as I endured pain, and underwent surgery. It sure meant a lot, thanks. Goodbye endometrial polyp and uterine cysts and may you NEVER EVER return.