Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Day 20:

I see sunshine
Day 21:

Sunrise after the storm
Day 22:

After-storm clouds
Day 23:


Day 24:

light in the cloud

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Going to disappear!!

We need to disappear for a while. 
We will commune with nature.
Maybe meditate a little. 
Take a hike around the grove of Patriarchs.
Take in Nature's beauty.
Make Smores.
Tell Ghost stories.
Dance in the rain.
Relax relax relax.
Listen to audio books.
Snuggle lots.
Take time to be alone, 
no schedule to keep, 
no phones (we will have our phones, but they won't be on some of the time) 
No paperwork, no appointments, no work. 

We are going camping this weekend. 
Just the 2 of us.
Near Mt. Rainier.
It should be nice and cool (like in the 50's),
so I will be cold and Joseph will be just right.
We planned this a few weeks ago. 
Got good reservations at a campground, and near the restrooms. 
We've been gathering our camp gear,
 and purchasing the odds and ends we still needed. 

Looking forward to it! 
My boss  teased me about this trip and asked how much work I would be missing ( I won't miss a day!)
 but he okay'd letting me take two days off for Sam & Kaelee's wedding,
 and Joseph's appointments  in Spokane next month. (all in one weekend!!)
Life continues to be a little crazy but somehow these things all work themselves out.

Expect photos.

Is blogging worth my time?

Sometimes no, but usually yes. And honestly doesn't take too much time for me, seeing as how I type MUCH faster than I write. Our blog has become our journal, Joseph was the pro at journaling, I had hopes of catching up to him but alas, we are busy and blogging is fast, and includes pictures!! So... we are having our blog printed into a book! FYI: we are using blurb.com, booksmart is a great program and it gives me a lot of creative control- very important to me. We will have it done when I am done designing it or when budget allows, which ironically enough will probably happen about the same time. It will include 3 years of blog, 200 pages! I plan on making this a yearly thing (a printed, bound and illustrated journal!), it will be more economical that way.  So excited! :)

PS another  project of mine is to design a family tree, 5 generations of both our sides, something pretty, something to go up on the wall to display and the bottom open for our future family so they can see their family. (Still in the idea collecting stage)


Thursday, August 19, 2010

Day 18:
moronimoon copy
Moroni and the Moon

Day 19:
Spokane Washington Temple

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Story behind the painted piggies


This is Joseph's second pedicure. 
Our first "his and hers" pedicure, 
happened in the days right after Joseph was diagnosed blind. 
We needed to do something for us, something new, 
something together to remember that would be positive. 
After that one I Double-Dog Dared him to get a color the next time.  
The next time happened to be after I finished Swim Lessons this summer, 
I needed one badly! No self-respecting man would back down from a Double Dog Dare, right? 
He didn't. My brave man did get a color, I was ready to let him back out, but he did it! 
At least he picked a manly color!? LOL. 
The day after our pedicure, 
we went to Spokane to see his family and newly engaged brother. 
Joseph kept the nail polish on, brave soul wanted to show his Mom! 
What a great first impression for Sam's in-laws!!
 At least they got to know that we are a couple that likes to have fun,
 including Double -Dog Dares and epic follow throughs.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Day 15:
"I double dog dare you, to get a color"

Day 16:
sunny day

Day 17:
Morning Dew

Newest Mecham Lovebirds

Samuel and Kaelee

Getting Married December 18th,

Make that September 18th,

 Idaho Falls Temple.

samkaeleeandring copy
(I negotiated for 1 picture only, I think they were a little shy about it.)

And I added a shot of her bling.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

My feet, my toes... they want these!
I tried them on, fell in love.
Now to figure out how to get some.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Day 13:

Day 14:

Friday, August 13, 2010

Happy Friday the 13th!!

In happy news, our (read: Joseph's) little brother Sam is engaged! 
The lucky girl is Kaelee. 
From Spokane, so already I am a fan. 
We met her while we were in Idaho, 
Sam and family (minus Jessica-  home for volleyball tryouts!!) are in Spokane,
 and we will be on our way to see them tomorrow. 
We would today, but we have to water some cows.. cow sitting?

Aug 9th-12th

Day 9:
A man's best friend.

Day 10:

A game we play.

Day 11:


Day 12:

Rain drops

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Day 8

6mo2 copy
Tori, 6 -ish months

Saturday, August 7, 2010

A month in Photos (days 1-7)

Trying for 31 in the 31 days of August... (A little late, I know)

Day 1:
Tri-City Sunset
Tri-City Sunset

Day 2:

Day 3:
Friendly feet
Friendly Feet

Day 4:

ElderSwanger2 copy
Elder Swanger 
(entered the MTC Aug. 4th)
Day 5:


Day 6:
IMG_0405 copy
Birch Bark

Day 7:
Daisy Fence
Daisy Fence