Wednesday, January 27, 2010



DSB (Department of Services for the Blind.) =Amazing!
They are government so that means slow.
But they are good.
The people are great.
Steffi (mobility counselor) came to the house today,
and gave Joseph some stuff,
and we picked out some other stuff to come.
It's all free.
Stuff includes: a talking watch, a large display alarm clock, a talking calculator, a talking voice recorder, large kitchen timer, big number address book..
it's amazing how much stuff they have for the visually impaired.

We are thankful.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Thank you

Thank you all for your words of kindness
and friendship toward us.
It means so much to have such good friends.
During the hardest times in our trials,
we find our friends,
and our friends find us.
Comfort isn't found in just your words,
but knowing that your thoughts and prayers
are with us.
We feel them, we feel your support,
and it buoys us up.

"Don't walk in front of me, I may not follow
Don't walk behind me, I may not lead
Just walk beside me and be my friend."
~ Albert Carnus

During the week following Joseph's diagnosis I encountered a dear old friend, once at the movies and then again at the temple. "A" we need to run into each other on purpose on of these days! We were also blessed to have Joseph's family come to visit and we shared a few great days enjoying each others company, :). We all went to the temple together, a session that was filled with people we know and love. I don't think that we have been in the same session with so many friends and family since our wedding almost 4 years ago. Our Bishop and his wife were there, and oh, how we LOVE them!! And we love you!


Sunday, January 17, 2010

I'm an aunt and he's an uncle...

Welcome to the world,
Victoria Renee Bready.
Born 1/15/2010, 5 lbs 13 oz, 18 in long

Little Bready Family, Alisha, Marc, and Tori

Still haven't seen our niece in person because we've been sick.
But she's cute and looks just like Alisha's baby pics.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

H1 to the N1

yea, we probably have it.
All signs point towards it.
Been sick all week.

We have swine flu, do you?

Monday, January 11, 2010

on the run update...

I just sent Joe off to his first day of subbing for seminary (Joe will be set apart as a substitute for seminary in our stake, he has been hired as an on-call substitute. He is @southridge, Bro. Black's wife just had a baby boy, he'll be gone all week.)

We are in the midst of all kinds of paperwork:
*Monday we recieved a letter from Dr Deitz (ophthalmologist) stating the Joseph is legally blind. We have since been able to use that letter in most of his paperwork. (we didn't know we would need this and it just showed up, love that Dr!)

*We had a disability interview on Tuesday last week.

*We interviewed with Daphne (vocational and rehabilitiation counselor from the Department of Services for the Blind) on Wednesday.

*On Friday, Joe received a letter of eligibility from the Washington State department of services for the blind.

*He will be meeting a counselor at the Edith Bishel Center for the Blind this afternoon. She will be able to let us know what types of Assistive technology will be useful for Joe and all kinds of other stuff I have yet to learn,( I will be there pen in hand to get good notes and fill everyone in).

*working on Medicaid paperwork, going call and get an appointment (trying to do that ASAP, with the changes coming with health care under Obama, it's got us a little worried)

*Lots of phone calls to make, probably not going to happen today

* I will be applying for a substitute paraeducator position here in the Kennewick School District.

Well I should be going got a big busy day ahead, work, then to Southridge for backup if Joe needs it (he is a little concerned being his first day) then his appointment at the Edith Bishel, then my work where he will probably be on the phone or watching/listening to a movie while I work. Then home, food and sleep.


Sunday, January 10, 2010

Inscription of Hope

I believe in the sun
even when it is not shining.
And I believe in love
even when there's no one there.
And I believe in God
even when He is silent
I believe through any trial
there is always a way.

But sometimes in this suffering
and hopeless despair
My heart cries for shelter
to know someone's there
But a voice rises within me saying
'hold on my child'
I'll give you strength, I'll give you hope
Just stay a little while

I believe in the sun
even when it is not shining
And I believe in love
even when there's no one there
And I believe in God
even when He is silent
I believe through any trial
There is always a way

May there someday be sunshine
May there someday be happiness
May there someday be love
May there someday be peace.

"Inscription of Hope." Based on fragments of Jewish text found on a cellar wall in Cologne, Germany during World War II, it is believed to have been scrawled by a child hiding from the Nazis.