Monday, June 30, 2008

Family Fast

We would like to have a family fast. We went to Joe's nuerologist today and we are starting the process of weening him off of his MS medication, we don't believe that he needs it anymore, and the risks of taking the medication are getting too great the longer that he is on it.
We would also appreciate it if we could keep in mind the same day birth moms, not just a birth mom for us but please pray for those young women who are faced with terribly hard decisions, that they may be guided by the spirit to do what is right for them. Thanks so much. We love you all!


Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Another Blog

We thought that we need to start another blog, for prospective birth moms to see and get to know us, without all the infertility stuff. I guess that means that we need to get better at staying up to date with two blogs now!


Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Schedules, Graduation & Adoption

We are both now registered for classes for fall semester, Joe is finally signed up for his IBC Business courses & he'll be taking a religion class too. I will be taking a bunch of random classes for finish out my degree. Classes like: International foods ( a culinary class), Old Testament, Percussion Ensemble (Again for fun!) Book arts & Egyptian art history.

We're going to GRADUATE soon!! Despite everything we've managed to stay in school and pass our classes. I am set to graduate in December and Joe will graduate in April. We will be walking together in April. We can't wait to be done with school and get out of Rexburg!

Adoption Update: We have our paperwork! Finally!! Thanks to a separate savings account where we hid money away, generous relatives and an IRS Stimulus check, we got the paperwork. We've only had it for a couple of weeks but we have made good progress so far: our employment verification letters are in, and we have placed all 4 of our reference letters. Sorry we wanted to use all of you, but we chose to use those who we could visit and ask in person and we couldn't use family members. We continue to work on our paperwork and it occupies our minds when we aren't working on it.

Thanks so much for your love & support. We do feel it