Monday, April 17, 2017

An Easter thought.

"You're so UP!", a compliment I received from a prospective student. I have no explanation for it other than together my husband and I desperately cling to the Atonement of Jesus Christ.
We know our Savior came to earth, he lived a perfect life, died and has risen from the grave for us, for all of us. And that through Him and His sacrifices for us, we can have hope, we can repent and change, and be with our families for eternity.
There is NOTHING beyond His power to comfort us, no loss, no pain, no heartache is too much for Him to help us. Through our (almost) 11 years of marriage we've faced many challenges, some that have been so devastating that it was hard to see a way out, but through fervent prayers & priesthood blessings, we have been given guidance to help us know how to move forward. We were never ever left alone in our challenges we've been buoyed up & blessed, we have found comfort, love, light & hope in our Savior Jesus Christ.
#Heisrisen #becauseHelives #HappyEaster

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